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12” Moschops “I Luv Space EP”


12” Moschops “I Luv Space EP”

DJ Moschops started his journey into music at a young age, composing hardcore rave for his school discos and
soundtracks to his dreams. A brief sojourn to Australia on the back of a boomerang got him acquainted with the
lifestyle of a hip hop DJ, and following his passion set up in Ireland spinning beats for rap crew Urban Intelligence,
releasing his solo album 'Prophecy' in 2012.
Through the scratch connection Moschops met Jimmy the Hideous Penguin, and became inspired to make music that
could be frozen in ice and blasted out to the Oort cloud via Galway.
'What's your Dreamscape' was the earliest track produced that made it on the EP, and is reminiscent of flying beyond
Earths orbit and sling-shotting off the moon. 'Tryptagon' almost didn't make it but was fortunately packed just in time
as it was essential in operating the waxships complex controls.
'I Luv Space' features the first audio ever recorded whilst zooming through an asteroid stream. Thankfully the record
didn't skip once and the full beauty of the solar system is revealed for your listening pleasure.
Flip the record and if your ready, take the quick route home by way of 'Whilst My Winnibago Gently Weeps'. But that's
not all..
Two days after sending the stems to Jimmy of the title cut 'I Luv Space', two cosmic remixes came flying back. One
from master of bass Lewis James (Grandeurs Of Delusion, Lowriders Recordings), the other from the intergalactic Valance
Drakes (Detroit Underground, Alkalinear Recordings, also features remix on CNP007 – Krayb David).
The momentum was too much to contain, so the wax was pressed including awesome artwork by Barry Finnegan, and
made available to you through Alkalinear Recordings.
Please relax and prepare for take off...

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12” Moschops “I Luv Space EP”
  • 12” Moschops “I Luv Space EP”
  • 12” Moschops “I Luv Space EP”

12” Moschops “I Luv Space EP”

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